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A.D.S.X. aka ADSX aka Audiosexlsb/#lsb_TV/telepathic bubblebath

Multimedia artist &
glitch and noizes specialist based in Berlin.

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Alexander Tonlsb/#lsb_TV/telepathic bubblebath

Underground fashiondesigner & ambient noise artist from Berlin.

Dario Mindwalkerlsb/#lsb_TV/telepathic bubblebath

Moviemaker, Electric Violin & Electronica Artist, VJ

Dr. Walkerlsb/#lsb_TV/telepathic bubblebath

Founding member of Air Liquide / Rei$dorf Force / Asbest! / Pierrot Premier / ... and head of Liquid Sky Berlin.

Host of the telepathic bubblebath radioshow and creator of the #lsb_TV tv Show.

Psychedelicgrungecore-hooligan, underground activist & extra terrestrial Noizedub-visionary with an open addiction to hypnotic glas-ish industrial techphunkgroovez amd haunted soundscapes looped to eternity.

Releases on labels like harvest, djungle fever, rising high, blue, force inc., sm:)e communications, kompakt, mille plateaux, communism rec., müller records, acid orange, neuton, bmg, emi, edge rec, eat raw, kreisel, structure, tekhead, home, entertainment, xxc3, disko b, raster-noton, ucmg, direct drive, blim rec paris, serotonin, interference, auftrieb, instinct, multicolor, pharma.

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Hendrik Mokrylsb/#lsb_TV/telepathic bubblebath

broadcast engineer & audiovisual artist from Berlin.

Jammin' Unit LIVEsfx/air liquide/telepathic bubblebath

Electronic music pioneer who worked with and for hundreds of famous and infamous artists like michael rother, fm einheit, wu tang clan, holger czukay...

Cem Oral aka Jammin' Unit was born as a son of a Turkish father, a Finnish mother and with German citizenship, he was never far away from diverse music. Starting musical experiments in the teen years with 4-track-recorders and synthesizers he entered his career as a producer with working as an audio engineer for several years, then as producer for several Hip Hop and Pop-acts like B.V.S.M.P. and George McCrae. At the same time he was already releasing records on Alfred Hilsberg's avant-garde-label "What's so Funny About". Then there was the time to stop working for other artists at all and focus the own ideas, as the commercial music scene was not the place to be anymore. Releases on Discog.

Michael Schweigeronce silent once loud

Michael Schweiger (Wien / Linz) once silent once loud since 1992 soundart / analog electronic music / sonification / performance / theory / D.I.Y / sharing – communities / D.I.T ...

Mijk Van Dijkliqud sky berlin/world club radio/#lsb_TV/roter punkt/berlin

Technopioneer & cultproducer from Berlin.

Producer since 1990, DJ since 1992, working in the German club Dubmission (Berlin), but also worldwide. He performs Live Acts as Microglobe since 1991.

Also famous for his radioshows.

liqud sky Berlin / World Club Radio / #lsb_TV / Roter Punkt

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Monsieur Fleury#lsb_TV/telepathic bubblebath/atlanta

Experimental ambient, noise and dada sound artist from Atlanta.

suicide-serverliquid sky berlin

For the past 20 years suicide server seems to be morbidly obsessed with the Roland TB-303.

The course of this incurable disease manifests itself in malicious self-oscillation and nastiest bass lines often associated with oversized bass drums or the consumption of various synthesizers.

Encounter groups such as "Psychedelic Kitchen" in Berlin or the "Club Camouflage" in Cologne seem to have positive indication on the patient.

Uli Siggcofounder of #lsb_TV.

Working within the realms of audiovisual art and experiment for almost three decades.

Stage projection for bands like Air Liquide, Nightmares On Wax or Ancient Astronauts. vast experience and visionary approach in audiovisual artand festival curation.